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Therapy Couch

Frequently Asked Questions


What is therapy?

Therapy is also called psychotherapy or counseling. It is the process of meeting with a licensed professional to resolve emotional distress and/or mental health concerns. Therapy can be uncomfortable as you delve into different topics, yet it can be refreshing and rewarding as you deepen your personal insight, make changes within yourself, shift relationships with others and create the life you desire. Therapy can be whatever you make it, but it won’t work if you don’t. 


What are some reasons people seek therapy?

People seek therapy for many different reasons. Sometimes it is a very specific event that happened that they want to address and sometimes it is to just have a safe space to discuss many different things that have or are currently happening in one’s life.


Some examples include: Experiencing Work Stress, Past or Current Trauma, Relational Issues (Parenting, Marriages, Couples, Family, Friends), Depression, Anxiety, Recent Loss, Life Transitions, Current Events, etc. 


What are your credentials and do you prescribe medication?

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the State of Florida, with certification as a Qualified Supervisor for MFT interns.


As a MFT I have been clinically trained to address problems systemically. I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), meaning that I have taken extensive training to address experiences of trauma. 

I do not prescribe medication; however, upon us working together I can refer you to a professional who can. 


How do I know if you are a good fit for me?


Follow your gut! The perfect therapist is like a new shoe, you'll know once you try it. On the initial phone consultation you can ask whatever questions and discuss any concerns that you may have. You can also email and chat me to have your questions answered.


Sometimes you will know right off hand that we are a good fit, other times it may take 1 or 2 sessions. You have the option to discontinue services if you or I find that we are not a good fit. The right therapist should make you feel heard, comforted, safe and challenged. 


What platform do you use for virtual sessions and can I have virtual and face to face sessions?

All tele-health virtual therapy sessions take place on the HIPAA complaint platform and EMR SimplePractice. Once you book a virtual session, your one time use link will be included in your confirmation email.

Yes, you can alternate between having face to face and virtual sessions. This allows for you to have the flexibility to attend sessions no matter where you are. 

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